Our Academics Camp will be structured in an hourly schedule like the traditional school day. We are waiting on the school schedules to know when the children’s online classes will be, but we have the following daily academic activities planned for our Academic Camp schedule which we will schedule around their online school schedule:

Supervised Academic School Work ~ We provide one-on-one tutoring and supervision to supplement their online schoolwork provided by LCPS. Your child(ren) will complete their daily schoolwork with LoCo Gymnastics Club Ashburn so you will not need to worry about their schoolwork when you pick them up at the end of the day.

Silent Individual Reading Time ~ Children can read any book they choose during this time.

Arts and Crafts ~ We will provide craft supplies and art projects to keep the kids’ creative juices running!

Physical Education (PE) ~ Gymnastics fundamentals classes, Strength and flexibility conditioning, Open gym, and Martial arts/self-defense for beginners and intermediate classes. All fitness classes will be held following social distancing rules! No contact.

Outdoor Recess (if weather permits) ~ Outside park / nature trail walk for some fresh air and outside exercise! Social distancing

When it comes to our after-school pick-up, we will be following LCPS’s dismissal times and will adjust our operations to these times when LCPS finalizes their school schedule.

If you are planning on sending your child to our program please let us know as soon as possible, this way we can see how many slots we have available for non-members. Our priority is our current and loyal parents. PLEASE NOTE: (In accordance to following COVID19 safe practices we will be keeping smaller groups then usual, space is limited.)


1.  Full time membership:

After School / Day Camp Combination Program

Month to Month Membership

$1200 per month

Annual (10-month) Membership

$1000 per month

2.  Three Days camp rate:

3-day camp ONLY Program (no after school)

 Month to Month Membership

 $820 per month

 Annual (10-month) Membership

 $790 per month


3.  After School ONLY Program (2days):

After School ONLY Program (no Camp)

Month to Month Membership

 $430 per month


Transportation options available to and from: (Following social distancing multiple buses will be used to spread out seating.)

 $400.00 Full time Monday-Friday monthly pick-up and drop-off

$200.00 Full time Monday-Friday monthly pick-up OR drop-off

$200.00 Part time monthly pick and drop offR

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